West Papua Exposed: An Abandoned Non-Self-Governing and Trust Territory

Griffith Journal of Law and Human Dignity –
West Papua Exposed: An Abandoned Non-Self-Governing or Trust Territory

This paper examines the shift in legal status under the United Nations (‘UN’) Charter, with the transfer of West Papua from the Netherlands to the United Nations in 1962 via the ‘Indonesia and Netherlands Agreement concerning West New Guinea (West Irian)’. It advances that this agreement must be a Trusteeship Agreement shifting West Papua’s legal status from a Non-Self-Governing Territory of the Netherlands to a Trust Territory of the United Nations. As such, the United Nations with work of the Trusteeship Council was, and remains, responsible to ensure the West Papuan people attain self-government or independence as required under Article 76(b) of the Charter.

Click to access WestPapuaExposed_A_trust_NonSelfGoverningTerritory.pdf


Listen to the UK barrister Charles Foster at the ‘Road to Freedom’ conference in 2011 giving his short explanation of the UN trust relationship with West Papua;

Secret & public Development history of the ‘New York Agreement’


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